Folk ensemble «Subboteya» was created in 1994. It consists of singers and musicians and performs Russian, Cossack songs and romances accompanied by bayan, balalaika, bass-balalaika and other folk musical instruments.
   The singers of the group are graduates of St. Petersburg Conservatoire and they pursue an academic approach to the rendering of folk music. The members of the group are keen on unveiling new sides of Russian songs. Their creative activity is mainly focused on making original arrangements of folk music that help to reveal its melodic character and beauty. Its repertoire includes sacred and secular music as well as opera arias and classical romances.
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   The ensemble has toured France , Germany , Italy and Finland. Numerous reviews prove the success of the concerts that are characterized by a high artistic level, emotional attitude and unique intonations.
   In 1995 «Subboteya» won the second prize at the International competition in Kotka, Finland. The critics pointed out fresh sound and sincerity of the performance full of expression and temperament.
   In 1998 Russian Orthodox Church Abroad invited the ensemble to take part in a fund-raising concert at the Ball of Countess Ignatieva. All the money raised at the concert was transferred to the clinic of Peterhof.
   In 2001 the ensemble received an award of the St.Petersburg Open Music Competition.
Subboteya's photo Subboteya's photo Subboteya's photo
   In 2005 «Subboteya» participated in festivals of choral music in Padua, Bassano and Biella (Italy).
   In 2006 the group took part in International Choral Festival «Claye Vocal» (France, Paris) and has toured Germany with youth dance group «Rossianochka».
   In 2001 «Subboteya» took part in the International Festival «Millennium in music» in Rom, Biella , Frosinone (Italy). In 2002 the group participated in the International Festival of the Music Polyphonic in Padua, Salerno, Tolentino, Mel (Italy). In 2003 the group took part in the International Festival of the choir music in Turin, Saviliano, Bra (Italy).
   In 2004 «Subboteya» has toured Italy with Russian Folk Theater of St.Petersburg (Cuneo, Fossano, Saluzzo).
   «Subboteya» has released five CDs.